Good performance takes more than quality fuel

See a few ways you can help your car's efficiency.*

  • Tire Pressure

    Save up to 12¢/gallon.

    Checking and adjusting the pressure of your tires once a month can increase a car's fuel efficiency by up to 3%.

  • Idling

    You get 0 miles to the gallon when idling.

    Turn off your car when it's safe. When your AC is on, you are paying 2-4¢/min. When your AC is off, you pay 1-3¢/min.

  • Acceleration

    Save from 19¢ - $1.28/gallon.

    Rapid acceleration and braking often can decrease fuel economy by up to 33%.

  • Weight

    Save 4-8¢/gallon.

    Removing 100 lbs of stuff from your trunk could increase fuel efficiency by 2%.