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How to collect Tesco Clubcard points at participating Esso Service Stations in the UK

Collect points on petrol and diesel purchases at participating Esso Service Stations

  • Esso Tesco Alliance (Esso forecourt with a Tesco shop): 1 point for every £3 spent on fuel
  • Other participating Esso Service Stations: 1 point for every 2 litres of fuel purchased* *Up to a maximum of 100 litres per transaction at all service stations other than those listed in the Terms and Conditions

Collect points on shop products and/or Car Wash at participating Esso Service Stations

  • 1 point per £1 qualifying spend* *Certain products and services excluded. See Terms and Conditions for details. Maximum point limits may apply

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Clubcard Points are currently only issued at Esso Tesco Alliance service stations which are Esso branded forecourts with a Tesco shop attached.

Q1. How many points can I earn at Esso?

a) Points on petrol and diesel:
i. At Esso sites, points are awarded per litre for petrol and diesel purchases, and at some sites by value for store purchases. A proportion of our sites are operated by independent operators who may not offer points for shop purchases. It is a matter for the site, not Esso, where the site is independently operated. The site manager will be able to advise you of its terms.

ii. The current awarding values are 1 point for every 2 litres for petrol and diesel purchased, and 1 point for every £1 spent in store (where applicable). Please note that some products are excluded from promotions for example for legal reasons, including tobacco products, baby milk formula, lottery tickets, etc. - a list of excluded products is available on the website or at the counter.

iii. At Esso Tesco Alliance sites (Esso forecourt with a Tesco shop), the rate of issue is 1 point for every £3 spent on fuel.

b) Bonus points
From time-to-time Esso may run bonus points promotions. This may be in the form of double points periods, or bonus points on a particular grade of petrol and/or diesel. We may also run coupon-based promotions in which the customer will qualify for bonus points when the coupon is scanned.

Q2. Why are Clubcard points only available at some Esso stations?

At Esso, we are rolling out Clubcard loyalty points issuing across our network and by the end of the year you should be able to scan your Clubcard at most of our sites. To see if your local site is participating please ask in store, or use the Esso Fuel Finder. Remember to check frequently, as more sites will join the scheme each week.

Note that a small number of Esso sites may not participate in the Clubcard scheme and no points will be awarded at these locations.

Q3. I don't have a Clubcard – how can I get one?

Forms are available from Tesco stores or on Tesco’s registration page.

Q4. Who should I call if I have a problem with my Clubcard that is not addressed in these Q&A's?

Contact the Clubcard helpline (0800 59 16 88) open Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm, Saturday 9am to 6pm (closed Sundays).

Q5. I don't shop at Tesco and don't want Clubcard points, can I have a discount on my fuel instead?

You don't have to shop at Tesco to redeem Clubcard points. There are a number of rewards for which the points can be used other than for shopping. If you do not want to collect Clubcard points, discounts cannot be offered as an alternative. Clubcard customers can choose to redeem their vouchers in different ways:

  • In-store or on-line at face value on products sold at Tesco stores.
  • Wait for voucher exchange periods and double the voucher face value for redemption on certain categories at Tesco.
  • Exchange on-line using the Clubcard website, offering up to 4x face value with selected retailers.

More information at the Clubcard site.

Q6. Can I get Clubcard points with Esso Card purchases?

Yes, this will be possible at participating Esso stations. To find your nearest participating site use the Esso Fuel Finder APP or visit Esso Fuel Finder. In the future you might want to keep checking the details as more and more sites join in.

Q7. Can I get Clubcard points with my company fuel card (Fuel Genie, Shell Europe, Allstar, Key Fuels)?

Acceptance of fuel cards for points will vary by site as many of our sites are operated by independent dealers. If in doubt, please check with the sales advisor before you start fuelling to check if your payment method is eligible for points.

Q8. How will I know how many points I have received from purchasing Esso Fuel?

Your quarterly statement (Tesco Statements are issued four times a year in May, August, November and February) will show you points awarded for Esso fuel purchases at participating Esso sites under the Tesco point's summary detail. You can also visit 'My Clubcard Account' to see the transaction details. Points awarded are also shown on your receipt at the time of purchase.

Q9. Can I use my Smartphone Clubcard Application at Esso?

Currently participating Esso sites are not able to offer the facility to use your Clubcard Smartphone App.

Q10. I have a Tesco Bank Clubcard Credit Card – do I need a separate Clubcard to receive the points?

No. Clubcard points for your fuel purchase will be added to your Clubcard account by using your Clubcard Credit Card.

Q11. How can points be earned for only part of a split payment?

Where payment has been made using two means of payment (e.g. using a fuel card for fuel and then cash/credit card for store items) this may result in points being earned on only one part of the payment. The customer should request the Clubcard is processed for the two separate payments in order and where sites offer points on goods other than petrol and diesel, the customer will receive points on qualifying shop goods (certain products are excluded. See terms and conditions for details).

Q12. I forgot to use my Clubcard, can I still get points for a purchase at an Esso site?

Esso's terms and conditions state that customers must present their Clubcard at the time of purchase. If this has not been done then selected sites may be able to issue points retrospectively up to 7 days later if the customer returns to the same site with their original receipt.

A selected number of sites are able to credit your points retrospectively on presentation of the original receipt at the site of the original transaction within seven calendar days, please refer to the service station details section within Esso Fuel Finder.

If in doubt we suggest you call the site using the number provided on the top of the receipt and they will be able to advise you if they can process your points retrospectively.

Q13. Are there any restrictions on the number of times I can earn Clubcard points at Esso sites?

Esso restricts the frequency with which a Clubcard may be used at Esso sites and the maximum number of points per fuel or shop purchase to help prevent fraud. You will receive a message on your till receipt if you have exceeded the transaction thresholds.

Any promotions which give additional bonus points will be given over and above these limits.

Q14. When will points earned at Esso sites appear on my Clubcard account?

Points earned at Esso sites should typically be visible on Clubcard accounts by midday the following working day.

Q15. How can I distinguish points on my statement earned from Esso fuel?

On the Clubcard statement points from Esso fuel may appear in two categories. On Esso/Tesco Alliance sites they appear as normal Tesco spend. On other Esso sites they should appear as a separate "Esso" category on the statement.

Q16. Why does my receipt not show the number of points earned?

The number of points earned at an Esso site is printed on the bottom of the sales receipt. If the site was having network connectivity problems then the receipt will have the message "DUE TO SYSTEM PROBLEMS CLUBCARD POINTS MAY BE AWARDED ON THIS TRANSACTION LATER". Once the site's network problems are resolved the transaction will be processed normally and points awarded as normal on qualifying purchases. The points should appear on the customer's account in the normal timeframes following the correction of the network problem.

Q17. What are coupon promotions?

From time to time Esso may run promotions using barcodes on coupons. Coupons may be distributed in two ways: firstly, a coupon printed and sent to customers, for example, in the Clubcard quarterly voucher statement. Secondly, a coupon printed by Esso on customer receipts to be used on their next visit.

Coupons may allow extra points to be earned according to the terms and conditions of each promotion. The barcoded paper coupon should be presented at the time of purchase. Barcodes on smartphones will also be acceptable in many Esso sites where the till's barcode reader supports the reading of these barcodes. Coupons only ever give additional bonus points, never a discount or adjusted price. Only one coupon may be used per transaction. Typically coupon terms and conditions allow only one use per customer.

Q18. The site was unable to credit my fuel purchase to my Clubcard points – can I get them credited retrospectively?

If the site technology was operating off-line, the points will be credited once the technology is operational again. Please allow three working days for the points to show on your Clubcard account.

Q19. What if I have a problem with my Clubcard at your site?

While you can gain Clubcard points by purchasing fuel at participating Esso sites, the operation is managed by Clubcard. Any queries regarding your Clubcard should be directed to Clubcard - the contact details are on the reverse of your Clubcard.

Q20. Will Clubcard points be offered at Esso sites in Ireland?

This promotion is for the UK only, however a Clubcard from Ireland can gain points in the participating UK service stations.

Q21. Are there any restrictions on the methods of payment I can use when earning points?

Clubcard points will be issued on payments by cash, credit card, debit card, Esso Card and some fuel cards.

However a proportion of our sites are operated by independent operators and we cannot mandate which fuel cards they will issue Clubcard points against.

Please ask the site staff before you refuel to check if you have the means of payment to allow points to be issued.

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Esso's Clubcard Terms & Conditions

Tesco Clubcard Points can be collected on Esso petrol and diesel but not LPG.

For Esso Tesco Alliance (Esso forecourt with a Tesco shop) please refer to the Clubcard general terms and conditions at

At other Esso Service stations, the following terms and conditions apply:

  • Clubcard points can be collected on shop purchases excluding the following: tobacco, tobacco related products, lottery, stamps, prescription medicines, infant formulae milk, saving stamps, e-top up, phone cards, gift cards, utilities payments, Ad blue in store concessions and operations that are not part of the primary forecourt building.
  • Points that can be collected in any one standard transaction (excluding promotional points and offers) are subject to the following limits:
    • Petrol and Diesel: 1 point for every 2 litres of Esso fuel purchased, up to a maximum of 100 litres per transaction at all service stations other than those listed below, where for diesel purchases, a maximum of 500 litres per transaction will apply:
      • Cardiff West, M4 Junction 33, Pontyclun, Mid Glamorgan, CF72 8SA
      • Magor, M4 Junction 23, Magor, Gwent, NP26 3YL
      • Moto Blyth, Junction A1M/A614, Hilltop Roundabout, Blyth, Notts., S81 8HG
      • Moto Cherwell Valley, M40 Northampton Road, Ardley, Bicester, Oxon., OX6 9RD
      • Moto Colsterworth, A1 Southbound, Colsterworth, Lincs., NG33 5JL
      • Moto Thurrock M25, Thurrock, Essex, RM16 3BG
      • Moto Tamworth, Green Lane, Wilnecote, Tamworth, Staffs., B77 5PS
      • Roadchef Maidstone, Junction 8 M20, Hollingbourne, Kent, ME17 1SS
      • Roadchef Sandbach North, M6 Northbound, Sandbach, Cheshire, CW11 2FZ
      • Roadchef Sandbach South, M6 Southbound, Sandbach, Cheshire, CW11 2FZ
      • Roadchef Stafford, M6 Southbound, Stone, Staffs., ST15 0XE
    • Shop goods: 1 point per £1 qualifying spend, up to a maximum of 200 points per transaction.
    • Different limits may apply during promotions and offer periods.
  • You must present your Clubcard or Clubcard key fob at the time of your purchase to qualify for any points. If you’ve forgotten your Clubcard, or did not present it before payment, points may only be awarded up to seven days after the transaction upon production of a valid receipt at the site where the original purchase was made, and only at the sites listed at No retrospective award of points is possible at any site not included on this list.
  • Transactions using Key Fuels or UK Fuels bunker card(s) are not eligible for points.
  • Transactions using Esso Card, Esso Commercial Vehicle Card, EuroShell, DKV and Allstar BP Supercharge Card may not be eligible for points at some sites. Please see for details.
  • Esso may use personal data for the purposes of offering promotions and incentives. Data will not be released to third parties for marketing purposes other than to Tesco and to service providers working on Esso’s behalf.
  • Points collected at Esso will be credited to your Clubcard account and included in your statement for redemption via existing Clubcard redemption options.
  • A list of participating Esso Service Stations can be found
  • These terms and conditions may be amended, varied and/or supplemented by Esso at any time in its absolute discretion and without prior notice.
  • General Tesco Clubcard terms and conditions apply and can be found at
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